Investor benefits

Investor benefits

A broad and flexible range of products

Wealthtrac offers you access to a carefully selected range of investment, superannuation and retirement solutions including:

Comprehensive investment choice

Wealthtrac works with some of Australia’s leading fund managers to provide you access to more than 300 managed funds within investment options that span a diverse range of asset classes, including Australian and international shares, fixed interest, term deposits, listed property and other listed securities.

Investor access to share trading

Wealthtrac provides you with access to the full Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) for listed securities through the portfolio service. It also offers a direct online shares service for investors in superannuation.

You will have access to 300 or so of the top ASX stocks and selected exchange traded funds (ETFs). Your adviser can place orders at any time the ASX is open and receive electronic confirmation of transactions made. Contact your financial adviser for more information.

Competitive and transparent fees

Wealthtrac offers access to managed investments on a wholesale basis, which have fees that are lower than those that an investor would normally be charged if they invested on a retail basis.

No switching fee

You can switch your investments at any time and at no cost.

Flexible portfolio management

You can choose to have your investments rebalanced automatically on a quarterly, half-yearly or on an annual basis. This allows you to maintain control over your investments to ensure they are aligned with your financial goals.

Dollar cost averaging

Dollar cost averaging is also a useful technique that aims to take the guesswork out of when to invest. It works by investing at regular intervals and averaging out the cost of the units you buy in a fund over time. This may help manage and spread the risk of investing.

Comprehensive insurance offerings

OneCare Insurance is a flexible insurance option available to you through Wealthtrac superannuation.

For more information on our insurance offerings,
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Regular communication and consolidated reporting

Wealthtrac provides you with regular reports concerning the value of your investments and the transactions on your accounts, including certain taxation statements (portfolio service). Importantly, the reports are provided on a consolidated basis to enable you and your adviser to form an overall picture of your financial position.

You will also be able to view the current value of your investments at any time via our website at This facility also allows you to communicate via email with Wealthtrac Client Services at

Flexibility in making superannuation contributions

Wealthtrac superannuation allows you, your employer and/or your spouse the flexibility and convenience to make superannuation contributions via cheque, EFT/Easy Payment, BPAY or Direct Debit Request (DDR).

Allocated pension options

Wealthtrac allocated pension provides you with flexible payment options, as well as the ability to commence a non-commutable allocated pension whilst you continue to be employed. This option enables you to take advantage of a transition to retirement strategy with long-term taxation benefits. Contact your adviser for more information.

Online account access

Upon joining Wealthtrac, you will be issued with an investor code and password that will enable you to easily and securely keep track of your investments, download product disclosure statements and other up-to-date information relating to your account balances and portfolio details.

Our Client Services team

Any enquiries you may have regarding your Wealthtrac account can be directed to our Client Services team, a team of individuals who are dedicated to consistently delivering high service standards. Call Client Services on 1800 893 097.