Dealer services

Dealer services

The key to brand value

Use Wealthtrac as your platform provider and you have the opportunity to share in the value of the brand you recommend to clients.

Wealthtrac products have a dealer margin built into the administration fee. All of this is paid directly to each dealer using Wealthtrac products until the point where Wealthtrac is sold or listed. At this point, a portion of the dealer's margin will be retained by Wealthtrac and capitalised into shares, through a listing or trade sale process.

With this structure, dealers have complete control over their margin and are provided with additional cash flow prior to the sale of Wealthtrac.

Dealer benefits

  • Dealer ownership of products means you have a say in future product development
  • Brand ownership builds capital value
  • Wealthtrac pricing competes with all other platforms
  • Superior service quality means greater client satisfaction

Please note: The above information has been provided by Wealthtrac Pty Ltd.